Top 3 Internet Priorities for Small Business

After I got on my soapbox for a minute about how small business should use the Internet more effectively, Patti Mason asked me what are the first three things a small business should manage on the Internet.

I was talking with “Independent Damsel Pro” Patti Mason from Damsel in Defense. Patti was the guest speaker at our Mastermind Business Networking lunch this afternoon. I was already self-conscious about having passionately launched into a monologue on small business and the Internet and was ready to turn over the floor.  But Patti seemed earnest in her question. I sputtered my answer in as close as I could come to a Tweet. 

Listening to Patti Mason at the Mastermind Network Lunch

Here’s a slightly longer version:

Be Informative

You have to have a website with informative content that addresses the needs of your targeted client.  Graphic design is content’s chaperone, making sure it is findable, visible and readable (or heard or seen). But your ongoing energy is in the content you publish.

Be Verifiable

Your digital reputation envelops you. This may be good or bad for society and our remaining privacy.  I don’t know. But right now chances are there is a great deal online about you and your business. Your clients want to know that working with you is a risk-free transaction.  Claim your profiles and manage them. If you have ratings, acknowledge them.

Be Engaged

Business referral is such a significant source of new business. Leverage this power online. Consume and acknowledge the content produced by others. Share what you can of your own. And be authentic.

The best platform in which to be engaged will depend on your business. It may be LinkedIn or Pinterest. It could be Facebook or YouTube. You have to investigate and experiment. Don’t accept anybody’s Top X Social Media list.

What do you think?

So how close to your list is my Top 3 Internet Priorities for Small Business? Let me know.

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