Solo Lawyer Website

Attorney L. Bradley Schwartz Website

I developed the  website for Chicago attorney L. Bradley Schwartz. The content manageable and mobile responsive-designed website is built on the WordPress platform. The site development engagement included strategy, content development, graphic design, WordPress configuration, search optimization, analytics and project management.

The Strategy
Having developed a career as an insurance defense attorney, L. Bradley Schwartz redefined his goals and established a solo practice in support of those who had become the victims of serious injury and amputation whether or not due to third party fault. Brad’s objective was to present himself as a resource who could mentor, counsel and refer those in need to professional resources. And as an attorney he could also help mediate complex health management efforts or initiate action for situations that had legal merit.

The Content
The content was developed based on the strategic objective and from interviews conducted with Brad Schwartz.  Working together we defined Brad’s services into distinct areas identified in the familiar law firm manner as Practice Areas. The content management system permits additional Practice Areas to be added and existing ones to be renamed or deleted over time as Brad’s focus evolves.

Site development costs were kept low by using an existing WordPress Theme. The theme was customized to achieve certain usability and information architecture objectives. Relevant custom and stock photography were added to the site together with configuration of theme colors, coloration, typeface and size. The site is entirely manageable by the user if so desired.

Search Optimization & Analytics
Body copy, meta content, page titles and url addresses were created based on search engine optimization best practices. Google analytics is installed on the site and the site has been verified in Google’s webmaster tools to monitor performance.