Marketing Tactics

Online Business StrategyYour online business strategy is a corollary of your overall business strategy. Small businesses looking to take advantage of online opportunities tend to leap to implement tactics. Build a website, set up a Facebook page, Twitter account, directory listing, etc. And the tactics they implement are the ones that they see others using. What’s missing is a strategic look at your own business. We help look at your business and translate your business objectives into your online business strategy.
Website StrategyWait! Stop. Deal with your preferred colors and graphic design later. You’ve got some work to do. What do you want to say? No that’s not right. What does your website visitor want to know? How do you want to organize your information because it CAN’T and shouldn’t all fit on the home page. And what action, if any, do you want your website visitor to take. Don’t make your website development an existential crisis. We’ll guide you through the steps to realize an effective website that meets your objectives and those of your site visitors.
Organic Search Optimization “SEO”You want your website to be found in the search engines. Good luck with that. If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. What’s the trick you wonder. There is no trick. The cornerstone of being found in search is useful, informative and fresh content. But wait, there’s more. You have to make technology work for you. That means choosing the correct web development platform and using the tools the platform provides for featuring your content. We can put you on the path to gaining and increasing website traffic from search engines.
Paid Search AdvertisingSo many advertising platforms. So little money. If you are selling products or services or wish to generate leads, paid search advertising may make sense for you. We can help you identify the best ad platform for your needs, set up and manage your advertising accounts and provide you the tools to measure your return on investment. We believe pilot programs and low budget tests are the best way to investigate the effectiveness of paid search advertising. Or if you have an under-performing ad campaign, let us diagnose the performance and put you on a better path.
Social Media Strategy & ExecutionA business social media campaign can build your brand, build your traffic and drive your business objectives. It can also be a disaster. And a time suck. Your business social media campaign does not resemble your personal Facebook page posts. Merely knowing someone who “gets” social media is not necessarily your path to an effective campaign strategy. We help you choose your platforms, build content expectations and put the “social” in social media.
Content StrategyYes, even content needs a strategy. You have many options to publish your content on blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, emails, social media. And that’s just the medium. What is your original content about? And how frequently should you publish. These are questions we can help you address early and test often.
Content CreationContent creation is hard. That is exactly why search engines are tuned to feature good content. It is often said that content is king but distribution is queen. But it is also true that your human site visitors value good content. If you’ve got something to say, we can help you say it in language that your site visitor will appreciate. Salads are good. Word salads are not.
Email Marketing StrategyPlacing your message in someone’s email inbox is a privilege for which you were given permission. It is one of the most effective ways to communicate your messages. Don’t screw it up. We’ll help you develop email campaigns that are opened, read and acted upon. We’ll also help you develop and grow your list of those who want to hear from you.
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